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What makes a good inversion table ?

Maybe you are having a difficult time selecting the best inversion table for you, with such a variety of various brands and models available. You might also be tired of reading plenty of annoying promotional articles out there on the internet. It is important that we do not overlook the fact that each and every item asserts that it’s the best one in the market.

Picking the best inversion table is always a tricky affair, especially when you do it online where you can’t check out and test the product practically. However, you won’t have to worry from now onwards as this guide will tell you exactly how you can choose the best inversion table for yourself.

What Makes A Good Inversion Table?

As the spine is a vulnerable part of the body and the inversion table will have to bear the weight of the user on it, it’s necessary that you chose a table meeting some safety requirements and quality criteria. By even a little Google search, you’ll get to know that purchasing a quality and safe inversion table is a serious deal.

A good inversion table is also classy and supportive. It’s made up of good and hard material to support the right amount of weight and at the same time, its soft and comfortable too, to let the user relax and be comfortable on it.

All Inversion Tables Are Not Equal

When picking an inversion table, its quiet necessary to chose a flexible table which is created to last long. A good inversion table should be collapsible and should have the ability to be arranged in different heights.

An ideal inversion table should have a height range of around 4’8 to 6’8, and it should be stable enough to hold an individual with a weight up to 250 pounds at least.


A quality inversion table gives secure support to feet and ankles. Ensuring that you stay safe while inverting should always be the fundamental priority.


While choosing an inversion table, comfort is something you should look greatly consider. A decent inversion table always can provide padding and head support to make the user comfortable with it.


A very crucial point to look into when searching for a good inversion table is reliability. An inversion table costs a good amount of money so you should make sure that it is a good bargain. A well manufactured and sturdy inversion table will ensure the quality and durability of the product.

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