The connection between animals and happiness

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What is the connection between having our own animal and mental health?

Much has been written about the wonderful connection between humans and animals.

True stories that surpass any imaginations of dogs that saved their husbands, or have rescued them from dangerous situations.

Many films and series have been based on this wonderful interaction, and on the endless giving that the pet gives unconditionally.

It turns out that improving the mental health of the pet also has a significant part.

Many studies on animal-to-animal interaction have shown a positive effect of pet grooming on owner’s health. For example, a study in which pets were distributed to the elderly showed that those who adopted a pet needed less of a visit from a control group and their health was less affected by stressful events. A strong pet bond was found to help reduce depression in adults who remained alone (when the human support network is weak), and as a therapeutic tool for recovering from addictions, ADHD and others.

A study that tracked patients after hospitalization for heart disease showed significantly lower mortality in patients with a pet than those who did not.

If so what is the secret that causes the improvement of the mood of people, and improves or reduces heart problems and blood pressure?

Some blame it on the limitless affection that animals give, especially dogs, and especially those who are left alone. There are those who point out that much of the pet’s growth is employment and necessity, especially for those who are left alone, as well as for those who find animals and in their work a compelling job that eliminates them from the way of addiction. The need to give animals whether they are dogs or cats, to buy them quality dry foods tailored to their needs in terms of nutritional components, to spoil them with preserves and snacks, and to buy them the best accessories such as games, toiletries, cat scratching devices and more. Without restrictions, which provides calm and peace of mind. Is there anything more charming than buying puppies, the warmth they give, the dependence and the trust they give you unconditionally? Other studies point to a direct correlation between the cat’s gurgling as it snuggles in its owner’s arms and a reduction in the blood pressure of the owner due to gargling, both his sound and the action. And if we are quiet and calm, is there anything more reassuring than watching a brightly lit aquarium in the night and fish that are slowly sailing ?, feeding them food for fish, and enjoying the variety of decorations and bubbles that come out of them. It’s really therapy, promise.

And if that’s not enough, then we can really talk about the complex relationships of our time with unconditional love, without limits and limits.

Love that does not depend on anything. This can be found, and in mass, in pets.

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    • Dan Weiss
    • August 20, 2018

    Yes, Animals can bring a huge amount of joy in your life. Recommended for everyone. Love my dogs!

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