How to prepare for a first date?

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You have just met this cute guy who you like and from the looks of things he likes you two. He has done his job as a man and asked you for a date. You are excited but at the same time apprehensive about the first date. You can’t seem to get the nut in your stomach to go down. What if you talk too much or too little and he goes home and never call again? So many things are going through your head but most of all you are wondering how you are going to survive the night without making the guy lose interest in you. Well we have all been there before, the first date that we are trying too hard to impress. To survive the date and have him calling back for more dates, make use of the following tips from the

First things first 

Before talking about what to discuss during the first date, some precautions that you may find useful. Start off by being yourself. If you are too talkative by nature, that is who you are. If you are shy that is the real you. Unknown to you, the guy probably knew this before asking for a date. Also, it is not a job interview and it is not a question and answer session. It has to be a conversation. 

That said these are some things to talk about;

Talk about current events. if you are the savvy type, you should be able to hold a discussions about recent happenings in the country and probably the world. 

Talk about your various jobs and why you like doing what you do

Talk very briefly on your various family. Don’t get into the details. Remember it is just the first date. If you do it right, there will be many more.

Talk about the things you like doing. Avoid the things you don’t for now. If you find the two of you share a passion, focus the discussions on these areas.

On your first date, you want to be nice and tell something about yourself while still keeping the mystery. Instead of letting it all out, find areas of common interest and focus on them.

Dress – Dress sexy for the first date, but noit provocative. Dressing this way will help you turn on the guy (  Ensure you put the proper makeup, Be at your best!