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How to act in emergency?


Emergencies do not come with warning bells, and there is no sign stars before someone faints beside you. It just happens. Ultimately, first aid is the element that most affect the proper treatment to the injured party. No matter how many times you were attending a life saving course or you take a first aid course, in real cases you may cause greater damage if you’re not sharp enough.

How much do you know about first aid treatment?

Relevant knowledge is important and necessary, because it helps you to separate the chaff from the bar and know how to act right without falling into pits the dominant conspiracy. We have gathered here three myths about first aid, mainly Mishandling (and even delusional) various injuries and length of brazilian wax

Are you sure you clean the misconceptions crawling around freely and endangering human life? Here are three myths that we have chosen to present to you. If recognition of them – know that you are in the risk group supposedly “moderate Mishandling victim.

Myth: You can cure stop the effect of  boiling water by applying butter

Fear of terror. At the height of preparations for the festival, 4-year-old boy mischievous and operation decided he wanted to help and pulled a pot of boiling water and sweet potato ravioli. Water and the whole hand, along with half a face, have become an easy grade 2 burns, namely – white blisters surrounded by red skin and very strong crying lasting many minutes. It can also help us cure hemorrhoids.

The myth tells butter. Well, If you put butter on a burn, you cause more damage to your skin and you might even catch him clothes and cause rupture, caused further injury to the skin disengagement from the body, as well as products related infections fatty dairy products.

What really needs to be done? Gently washing the area with warm-cold water and apply antibiotic ointment. Large burns also require contacting a healthcare and obtain advice or full treatment.

Myth: You can cure snakebite by sucking the venom or urinating on the bite
You went to walk several friends who, towards the end of the summer holidays (from year to year is much less great). Suddenly, out of nowhere appears a snake, hung with teeth on one of the members, performs the plotting and runs away. And immediately begin to crowd out into the hallucinatory solutions: one of the members offers a managed with its excellent urine, proven nutritional aid. One of the companies offering to suck the poison and spit it out.

All rubbish and some things even hazardous materials urine contains a poison that the body takes out, and therefore, it may even contaminate the bite. What really needs to be done? Calm the scorpion and instruct him / her lie down and except for a shift to poison did not spread quickly. It is also advisable to fix the injured part as much as possible and of course to think positive. Would be good. At the same time there is an urgent call to their health, or anyone who can fly you in less than half an hour to the hospital. With today’s advanced treatments, the danger of a bite than before.

Myth: If nose bleeds, should raise your head and plug it with a tissue
Like every year, how comes you drive to the beach this summer. But because parking near the sea rises almost like a home by the sea, then take the bus. Suddenly, lo-and behold, a child sitting in front of you nose starts to bleed hose stream. One older women sitting in the seats of the few child says the head back method, and gives him a tissue to his nose shut.

This can be dangerous. What really needs to be done? Because the blood to drain out, the right thing is really medical and bow your head forward until the blood stops flowing – it is better to tissue than push the tissue into the nose. Platelets do their work quickly and close the wound leaking.

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