How to stop your period?

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Many women will at one time have asked themselves how they could possibly delay or stop their periods. This is due to the inconvenience that might be brought by a heavy period during special occasions like weddings, during an exam, when traveling or many other such occasions. Simply put, there are several women who hate the symptoms that come with their periods such as back pain, headaches or cramps that end up interfering with leisure, work or even study. How to stop your period can therefore be a thing of utmost importance on some occasions. There are natural remedies and medical solutions on how to stop your period.

So How to stop your period?

Medical Solutions
The best way of stopping your periods is through the use of contraceptives or birth control. It is important that you consult your doctor if you opt to use these option as he/she will advice you on the birth control that best suits your needs, the risks involved and the dosage to use. The hormonal contraceptives given stop your period by inhibiting fertilization and ovulation. They can be injected, taken orally, taken in patch form and by the use of intrauterine devices or implants.


Taking medication
There are certain medicines such as tranexamic acid tablet that are used to induce blood clotting in the uterus therefopre reducing menstrual flow by up to 60 percent. Two or three tablets are taken for three or four times a day when bleeding starts. It is however important to note that this medication does not prevent you from getting pregnant. A double dose of vitamin B6 for a week before the period or 800 mg of ibuprofen for every 8 hours can also be used to stop your period. However, you should stop using the vitamin B6 dosage after successfully delaying your period for one full cycle.


Use of a flexible cup
Softcup is a flexible cup that is placed inside the vagina in front of the cervix for the purposes of collecting any menstrual flow. It is not meant to stop your period but to prevent the blood flow from your vagina just like when using a tampon. It is won for nearly 12 hours and you can reuse it throughout your menstrual flow. The advantage of this method is that is appears to stop your period without the unwanted side effects of medication or hormones. It can be used when having sex, swimming or traveling. Using a new cup instead of reusing one cup is advised in order to stop leakage. It is however not intended as a contraceptive and it therefore does not prevent pregnancy.

Natural remedies

Increasing physical exercise two to four weeks prior to your period can be useful in delaying or stopping your period. This is because physical and emotional stress are usually responsible for missed and delayed periods for women.
Avoid spicy food or foods that increase heat in your body
Eating spicy or foods which increase your body heat tend to advance your periods and removing them from your diet will help delay your period. You can either eat these foods more to make your periods come on an earlier different date or exempt them from your diet to delay the period.

Drinking a great amount of water or juice can also help reduce or inducing your period as well as eating a great deal of vegetables and fruits.
Apple cider vinegar put in a glass of water can also help calm your symptoms or slow your menstrual flow. One teaspoon is recommended in this case.
It is important to note that most of these remedies might be unreliable or temporary and you are therefore advised to consult your doctor for a better plan that will best suit your needs. You now know how to stop your period and you can therefore enjoy the special occasion in your life.

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