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What are the symptoms of allergies?

Allergy is an overreaction of the immune system of the body, substances that are not harmful to the body. Natural and normal immune system should react against various infections and substances harmful to us, without this response we would not survive a single day. Allergic condition that the material body is exposed to a pathogen and not harmful to the body, and the immune system responds as if this is a hazardous substance, harmful, and sometimes beyond, even to the point of control. This reaction damages the body itself, and may even in extreme cases where the injury occurs so strong that the victim transported to the hospital.

The most common allergy is a seasonal allergy, hay fever (Hay fever). Hay fever is the most common allergy, and one of the hardest to avoid it because there are usually no specific material that the patient was allergic to it and you can avoid it, but a whole range of materials such as dust, pollen of various flowers, animal fur, etc., as soon as there are a lot of allergens so it is very difficult to isolate them and avoid them, sometimes to avoid seasonal allergies for the patient to move for a living place with completely different climate, it is also not a simple matter at all. Read is not always true seasonal hay fever allergy, a significant part of those with the disease suffer all year, not just a season, of course, have more seasons and seasons less.

Our immune system can recognize these foreign bodies, and when he came into contact with the body, it reacts by releasing antibodies and histamines. When these substances are released, there is an overreaction of the immune system that causes the chain of internal reactions. Asthma¬†and other chemicals are released and cause an inflammatory response. This allergic reaction is expressed in various organs and various tissues, particularly lung tissues, respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal tract. This can be expressed by: allergy eyes – watery eyes and itchy allergic rhinitis great – stuffy nose packed skin allergy – skin reactions differ such as redness, rash and itching fatigue – low energy levels cough allergic migraine and other Chinese medicine can treat allergies like that conclude what type What are the specific allergy and the patient body processes that happen … it is possible to treat the factors that start the allergic reaction and strengthen the body in such a way that the intensity of seizure frequency spinach spinach and usually the most types of allergy can be stopped.

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