5 Reasons why men cheat

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I have encountered many stories of betrayals of all kinds and believe that reality is beyond imagination, but with experience I managed to characterize 6 reasons why men are traitors.

I will not go into this article to detail what it is actually a betrayal that every man and every woman define treason in a different way, that I will write in another article.

The first reason for betrayal – the need for constant excitement

There are men and women who need this thrill regardless of whether their relationship is good or not.

Infidelity is a lot of adrenaline: concealment, sophistication, danger, excitement, courtship, the need to feel equal, attractive, sexual diversity all provide the need for excitement, especially when women do not lack to betray them.

Those who need constant excitement will find it very difficult to be in a routine relationship with only one partner.

A second reason for betrayal – lack of communication in relationships

Some of the couples stayed after a while, mainly technical communication: taking, driving, making dishes, changing diapers, paying an electricity bill, removing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, buying milk, making an omelette and salad.

There is no supportive communication, no expressions of affection, and then you look for warmth, love, communication, someone to understand, someone to talk to, to see, to be interested in, to think that I am a human being.

Betrayal in this case produces a crisis from which it is worth examining what bad patterns played and damaged the relationship and how to take responsibility and correct them.

A third reason for betrayal – lack of confidence

Sometimes the man goes through a period or event that undermines his sense of self-confidence: dismissal, illness, adolescence, midlife crisis, and the man wants to prove to himself that he is still attractive and seeks reassurance in other women to prove to himself that he is still worth it.

It can lead to infidelity that begins as harmless flirtation and then becomes something more serious.

The fourth reason for treason – they want to leave you!

Some men want to leave the relationship but they do not like to disassemble themselves and they betray and leave clear signs so that the woman will catch them traitors and then she wants to break the relationship and they will feel that it is not them who broke the relationship, but the woman’s initiative.

In such a case the man is determined to break the relationship and there is nothing to rehabilitate the relationship.

The fifth reason for betrayal is boredom

The relationship becomes routine, boring, played, nothing new, a day chasing a day, a year chasing a year and becoming a couple becomes self-evident.

A baby is born and the routine is exhausting and busy, busy to the head, not sleeping at night and who even thinks about the relationship.

When he grows up a little more baby is born … and no one tells that children change romance.

Or rather, there is almost no romance at all.

He starts talking and you get bored with him, you start talking and he prefers watching TV.

Then … the immune system of the relationship is weakened and an external threat like a lover comes into play.

The fifth reason for betrayal is the wake-up call

Betrayal is a slap in the face that can no longer be ignored. You can not sweep the problems under the carpet and tell ourselves everything is fine.

This betrayal comes after a creeping deterioration in the relationship.

In such a betrayal, one of the partners signals that something is wrong with this relationship, and it is time to examine a house, take a soul-searching and take responsibility on both sides.

Because each side has a part in the deterioration of the relationship (even if the part is really minimal) there is no situation that someone is 100% righteous and someone else is 100% wrong.

The responsibility applies to both parties.

If you realize that betrayal is the result of a neglected relationship and understand that it is a symptom and not just a factor, it is possible to get to the root of the problems and correct them.

This betrayal causes the couple to realize that the relationship is not self-evident and must be invested in order to strengthen it.

In conclusion

Treason or betrayal is a traumatic matter in a relationship that can easily break up a relationship and lead to separation and divorce.

The chances of rehabilitation from betrayal depend on the circumstances, marital status, the desire to rehabilitate, and the individual ability of each partner to cope with crises.

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    • Annie Jay
    • August 20, 2018

    There is no justification to cheat! None in the whole world…. Before you cheat you can talk to your spouse, communicate… No mercy for men who cheat!

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